Fixing authentication type for the user

Is it possible to choose the authentication type for the user when registered.
We are looking to avoid duo prompt when user is registered.

Hi there @Wrushasen.Dakhane

Yes, you can select which authentication methods you’d like to use from the Policies section of the Duo Admin Panel. This is part of the Authenticators Policy settings. For more info, please see our documentation on auth methods: Policy & Control | Duo Security

What type of application are you protecting with Duo?

We are using Web SDK. We want to avoid the prompt when only 1 authentication method is selected in the new policy (ex: Push). So we want by default send the Push notification when DuoWeb.signRequest(ikey, skey, akey, username) call is made

Ah, I see. Unfortunately it’s not possible to enforce auto-push or phone call on web-based applications that support the Duo Prompt.

You could allow users to configure an automatic authentication method during enrollment if you enable the Self-Service Portal functionality.

I’m going to move our discussion to the API area of the community. The folks there might have some additional insights and guidance for you!