First time setting up DAG with AD integration

Hi all,
I have a windows 2019 server installed with DAG, I’m using the basic setting for AD integration, I’m not using ldaps, just ldap, and somehow it won’t connect to ldap, it gets an error “LDAP connect failed” whenever I try to save the settings, I’m using sAMAccountName for attributes and got the user and password set correctly, pretty much read the docs online, can anyone point me to the right direction, it’s my first time with DAG, sorry for the newbie questions.

Hey there @cdcirexx,

I’d make sure to enable Verbose logging which you can see Duo Access Gateway for Windows | Duo Security. This should provide more information to what is going on that you can check out in the DAG log at C:\inetpub\www\dag\dag.log.

If you are also interested, we now have a cloud-hosted SAML identity provider called Duo Single Sign-On. This does not require you to set up and host your own webserver but for Active Directory just needs a Duo Authentication Proxy to get up and running.

Hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out to support as they will be able to get you up and running faster.

Hi Jamie
thanks for the reply, figured it out, it was our firewall that’s blocking the ldap ports, went and opened port 389 and it now shows ldap bind succeeded, thanks for the useful info as well