First Authentication Approval from Apple Watch failing daily

I am experiencing an issue with Duo Push Authentication on my Apple watch and others have reported same issue in our organization.

The first push I do each morning appears on the Apple Watch just fine however when “Approve” is selected the notification closes but login is not authenticated. If at that time I check my iPhone there is no notification on the phone, when I open the duo app the authentication request is there and approving again from the phone works to let the login happen.

I am on the following versions.
My phone is on 14.8.1 and Watch is on 7.6.2.
Duo Mobile version (Latest Available at this time)

The other user with the issue that I am aware of is on more current iOS versions and same version of Duo Mobile.
iPhone 15.0.2 and Apple watch is at 8.0

We had someone from another organization suggest they have the issue when there are other notifications pending on the watch however I tested clearing all notifications on iPhone and watch before one of my tests and had the same failed approval result.

Has anyone else seen this issue and know if any solution?

I have one user experiencing the same issue. Phone (15.1.1) and Watch (8.1) are updated to latest versions and Duo Mobile is on this same version ( as well.

Yesterday my problem user updated Duo Mobile to and that resolved the issue.