Firefox: Duo Mobile unable to authenticate, gets error message regardless of authentication method

Firefox is updated to the most recent version so this is not the issue. This issue arose actually after the most recent update.

Typically you can choose to either “call” or enter bypass code as the only two options. However, neither work. I am met with the error message when attempting authentication through ADFS:

“For security reasons, we require additional information to verify your account.
{“stat”: “FAIL”, “message”: “Please enter a passcode.”}”

The landline device is not working only on Firefox. Other browsers such as Chrome still use it without any issue. Can this be fixed or will I have to attempt it using a different device?

It’s not a landline problem. I added an iOS device for authentication and it still gave me the same error message.

It seems to be a Firefox issue (Firefox Version 104.0).

Are you still having issues?

I just downloaded and installed 104.0 on my Mac and I didn’t have any issues logging into to AD FS with the Duo plugin using both phone call and Duo Push as the authentication method.

There are a lot of variables here though: client OS, server OS, Duo plugin version, browser extensions, etc.

If you’ve updated beyond 104.0 and still have issues, please contact Duo Support to open a case if you haven’t done so already.

Yes, I am, unfortunately. I’ll try this fix. If it doesn’t work I may have to import my bookmarks to a different browser.

Well, I didn’t suggest a fix, just said I couldn’t reproduce the problem with the same Firefox version on my own computer with an AD FS server I have hanging around.

There is no guarantee my test environment matches your environment, but generally it’s not expected that Firefox would have a problem.

That’s why I suggested contacting Duo Support, but I didn’t mention that you should do this only if you are the Duo administrator for your organization and can troubleshoot the Duo AD FS server installation.

If you aren’t the Duo administrator and are an end user, contact your organization’s Duo admin or help desk for assistance, and they can contact Duo Support for further troubleshooting.

I upgraded it manually using the appropriate installer (x64) for 104.0 and it worked! Thank you!

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