Fingerprint not working, awful experience

I searched up and down through internet, and do not see an outlet else where to provide feedback and report bug. So far, I have to say, my experience had not been a pleasant one.

My major pain point has to do with fingerprint recognition. Look, maybe I missed the configuration somewhere, maybe I’m just dumb I can’t figure it out, but HAVE YOU GUYS NOT HAD ANY CONSIDERATION FOR IN-SCREEN FINGERPRINT RECOGNITION!!!

I get a request to approve the login, I click on the approve button with fingerprint icon, and I’m led to a screen asking for password. !!! What happened to the fingerprint? I tried so many times to trigger it to allow me to do that until I saw my colleagues just put his finger on the fingerprint sensor. Oh duh! Right, for phones with additional fingerprint sensor that works, but where should I put my finger on to trigger that authentication?

Sorry I sound so exasperated, but that’s how I feel right now. Can you image what it feel like when you are asked to authenticate multiple times a day, and have to type in really complicated password twice every time? Our company requires really long and complicated password to authenticate, and for my personal security, I put relatively complicated passcode (which is fine when I only need to type it them every a few days). But putting those 2 together, it is just a mess!

Please, please fix this problem please?!!!

Hi sirius,

So sorry to hear you’re experiencing these difficulties. Based on what you’ve said here, it sounds like you have a device that is protected by a passcode. Could you tell us which device you’re using? Is it iOS or Android?

It also sounds like your organization requires biometric verification when possible, and that’s why you’re seeing the fingerprint icon. In cases where you don’t have a fingerprint sensor, Duo Mobile will ask for the PIN or passcode you use to unlock your phone. Alternatively, please reach out to your admin for help configuring fingerprint verification on your device.

For future reference, you can share feedback on Duo Mobile by leaving a review in the App store or Google Play. I’m also going to pass along your feedback regarding the fingerprint experience to our Duo team.

Hi Amy,

  1. I’m using an Android device, Huawei mate20 pro.
  2. My phone has fingerprint sensor. The problem is the phone is using a new in-screen fingerprint technology. Meaning, the fingerprint sensor is on the screen. I went to see my IT for help yesterday, and they confirmed it’s not a setting problem. The problem is because in-screen fingerprint is not supported.

When my colleague, press on Approve button, they put their finger on the sensor (somewhere else on the phone) to approve it. But for me, I need to put my finger on the screen / display to authenticate. The problem is, your app isn’t telling my phone to activate the fingerprint auth process.

This is not just a problem for user on Huawei phone, Samsung’s galaxy phones are also using it. I’m sure in the future, more phone vendors will choose to use this. So please do something about.

Thanks for passing the feedback on.

Ahh okay, thank you for clarifying. I will put in a feature request for this issue. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!