Feedback Wanted: New enrollment + first authentication video


As part of our efforts to make deploying Duo even easier, we’re working with our Creative Team to create video content explaining the enrollment process through an end-user’s first authentication. Obviously this video has to be pretty “generic” in that it can’t capture all enrollment scenarios or authentication methods, but we’re hoping it would be an useful piece of internal communications leading up to rolling out Duo to your organizations.

We would love your feedback on this draft video:

There’s also a version without the voiceover:


This would be very useful for our organization. I think the below two items would benefit our employees as they enroll.

-We would like to see an animation or graphic on what icon/button within the app brings up the barcode scanner. Self-explanatory to me, but I know it won’t be for some of our employees.
-Some mention in the voiceover describing the choice at the end of enrollment for a default method of authentication (Push, call, etc.).


Awesome feedback, thanks Steve!

Are there any other common questions/concerns you’ve gotten from your users? Also, are users opting to enroll backup devices on their own? Trying to think if there’s any other best practices we can help encourage. :slight_smile:


Your Video is good however you can add instruction for users to use “Automatically send this device a Duo Push”.

The above option avoids effort for users to click “Send me a Push” button. Also, if push is required on alternate number then user can always cancel the prompt and choose the alternate device from drop-down menu.

If video can cover above two points it will be more useful from end-user prospective.

Also, along with enrollment if you can come with video explaining different authentication methods available (Push, Call, SMS, Passcode) will add value.

The mouse hover for Duo options (in iFRAME) can help the users to identify functions on buttons available and will enrich user experience.


@DuoZoe we just sent out an enrollment to about 300 people. What we’ve gotten so far is yes, a small number are protecting more than one device. Some feedback is that they want to be able to do that through the initial enrollment. May be it would be good to add some of the self-service features on the final screen of enrollment when you chose the default action for the device? Also we’ve had people ask us to add second devices for them. This is easy enough to do via the admin portal, but there is no way via the portal to set primary/secondary device (like you can via self-service) that I am aware of.

We would also like to see better options around customization of the enrollment email. We’re having trouble getting an image to display properly in the emails and our internal communications team would like much greater formatting options, ability to insert minor graphics, etc. The existing limitations don’t allow for much customization.

I also second @pkuber comments. I think those items would be very beneficial.


Thanks for the feedback everyone! We have decided to go with title cards instead of narration here to make the downloading and use of Duo Mobile more clear, and we will be publishing a standalone self-service portal video with exact 1:1 steps by the end of the month as well.

You can see the completed version, with links to YouTube and an embed code, here: