Feature request: See which app requests DUO MFA


Is there any chance to see which app requested DUO MFA? For now all I can see in MFA message are the app provider, user name, geo tag and date. Sometimes I wonder which particular app (eg. DUO is used for number of corporate applications all of which have the same provider) requested the authentication. Will it require app provider support?


Do you mean in the push request delivered to a smartphone or tablet? If so, the push displays the name of the app.

This is pulled from the Name field in the Settings section of the Application’s properties page in the Duo Admin Panel.


Oh, I see. Then I suppose my company uses some centralized approach so that many apps receive authorization approve from single app that communicates with Duo. Works kind of like NAT ))

But I guess if the name is set somewhere in the settings, it’s not reasonable to change it for each and every app, as well as making separate account for each app is an overkill. In this case my idea would require some additional API so that our internal authorization app could provide a short context-dependent string to be included into push notification.

And the more I think about it, the more it looks as good as it gets ))