Feature Request: Assign bypass codes by group in the Admin console

I would really like to see a feature where I can assign bypass codes to a delegated group of users instead of having to update them each manually when they are on the same code. We have about 25-30 vendor accounts that we change the bypass code to every month, and if I could just change it once, then I don’t have to worry if I missed one, or miss typed and someone has a different code.

I would really like to see it.

Have you looked at doing this programmatically with our Admin API? You can specify the bypass code to create for each user ID, the validity, and whether they may be reused. If you ran the same script every month you wouldn’t need to worry about typos in setting the code.

With that said, having multiple Duo users sharing the exact same reusable bypass code is not an approach we’d recommend. You could also script creation of random, reusable bypass codes monthly for each vendor using the API.

To submit a feature request, please contact your Duo account executive or customer success manager, or Duo Support if you don’t have one of those.