Feature Request: Add optional folders/section dividers and a search bar to mobile app for easier account search and organization

As a managed IT service provider who uses DUO as an all-in-one authenticator app, both internally and for client resources, for both native DUO-protected accounts and third-party TOTP tokens, the number of accounts we add to the DUO mobile app can quickly add up.

I love the app, but really wish it provides a mechanism to organize all these accounts into sections or folders for easier lookup and access, as the current layout works well for up to a dozen or so accounts, but not when there are many more.

Obviously for native DUO-push enabled applications this is not a problem as we don’t have to search for the accounts from within the app. But as mentioned, there are still many third-party sites out there using the old school TOTP which is unlikely to go away anytime soon. For these accounts we do have to go through the list to find the corresponding codes from the app.

So first a search bar at the very top of the app, between the DUO logo and the + sign, would be an easy start.

Then it would be great to have some form of organizers, either in the form of collapsible sections or folders (such as the layout of an Android smartphone home screen). Maybe add a “default” or “favorite” section that expands by default upon app launch too for convenient access to frequently accessed accounts.

Hopefully this request may be submitted to DUO developers for consideration.

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Hi @felinepc

Welcome to the Duo Community! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, and for providing such detailed feedback. This is a great idea, and another Duo Mobile user recently shared a similar idea for a feature request to group accounts in the app.

To file an official feature request, please reach out to the Duo support team or your account representative. I also collect feedback manually from our mobile reviews to provide to the team, so I’ll be sure to document this there as well. Thanks!