Enable 2FA for your community account

Did you know you can protect your community login with Duo Mobile two-factor authentication (2FA)? It’s easy! It only took me a minute to set up, and now I’m going to show you how you can do the same.

Please note that enabling 2FA for your community account will disable social logins.

To enable 2FA for your community account:

  1. Navigate to the Preferences section of your community profile either directly with the link or by selecting your profile image on the top right, clicking on your username, and choosing Preferences from the drop down menu.
    preferences menu

  2. Scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication and select Manage Two-Factor Authentication.

  3. Enter your password and select Continue.

  4. Under Token-Based Authenticators, select New Authenticator.

  5. Open the Duo Mobile app, and select + to add a new account. Scan the QR code displayed on-screen on the community to add the account to Duo Mobile.

    Note: By default, the account name will appear in Duo Mobile as the email address you use to log in to the community. We recommend renaming the account to Duo Community or something similar to more easily identify it in your accounts list.

  6. From the Duo Community, name your authenticator app and enter the passcode provided by Duo Mobile for your account, then select Enable to complete the two-factor authentication setup process.

To enable backup codes for your account:

  1. Once you have set up primary two-factor authentication, you can enable backup codes to recover your account in case you lose access. From the Manage Two-Factor Authentication page under Two Factor Backup Codes, select the :pencil2: icon next to Enable backup codes.

  2. Select Enable.

  3. From the Two Factor Backup Codes page, you can now view your backup codes, download them, or copy them to your clipboard. Please make sure to store these somewhere safe! You can also see how many codes you have remaining, generate more, or disable them from the top of the page.

Congrats! You have successfully set up 2FA for your community account. You will now be asked to provide a passcode from the Duo Mobile app in addition to your primary credentials when logging in to the Duo Community.

You can disable 2FA for your account at any time by visiting the Preferences page of your profile, selecting Manage Two-Factor Authentication, and selecting Disable.

Make sure to backup your account in the Duo Mobile app using Duo Restore for Third-Party Accounts, so you won’t get locked out in the event you lose access to your 2FA device or change devices. Learn more about Duo Restore and third-party accounts here.

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