*.duosecurity.com inaccessible from China

We’ve noticed that for the last several days we are unable to access anything at *.duosecurity.com from our China servers. This means we cannot access the api URL for any of our applications. For example, we have an RDS environment where we have both an RDP gateway and session host that utilize Duo. Both of these stopped working because they cannot reach [api123456.]duosecurity.com (example). Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a known issue? I would attempt to run this through a proxy but I don’t see any proxy specific settings in the install of the Duo for Windows Login installation (for example). Would we just have to configure the proxy at the OS level? We’ve long known that push notification for android users is an issue due to China blocking the google notification service, but this one is new.

Just as a follow up I did verify that configuring proxy settings at the OS level (to use a proxy server outside China) allows this to work again. But it would be interesting to note if others have experienced this or if Duo is aware of it. I’d prefer not to leave these proxy settings in place for performance reasons.