Duoproxy as pre-built virtual appliance for VmWare


Hello, is there a plan for duo to provide duo-proxy as CentOS pre-built virtual appliance for VMware?
Would Duo-proxy be available as an app at MS Azure store?


Hey avs,

No plans for a VM - but we are working on ways to make Auth Proxy even easier to deploy.

Stay tuned


Could you share your plans with the user community?


Hey avs,

I have shared all that I can.



so no info for the customers then?


Looks like Duo is falling into RSA path…


So does this mean that Duo cannot be integrated with VMware VCSA 6.5? Not many people out there using RSA path to authenticate through VMware vCenter ;(


Any updates on this?


I would like to add that we would like to see the DMP in an easier to deploy package as well (some sort of container package, VMware OVA, etc.).