DuoMobile Reinstall

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I have recently purchased a new iPhone and I had DuoMobile on my old iPhone . I removed the 2FA authentication app option on my Instagram and removed my account on the Duo App on my old iPhone before giving it away and uninstalling it .

I would like to reinstall the app on my new iPhone but I don’t know what is going on here when I have uninstalled it and removed it on my old iPhone ? Should I reinstall the app because I removed the data ? It got transferred to my new iPhone and it shows this with my instagram account yet I removed it on my IG and on my old iPhone .


It’s possible that the Instagram account had not yet been removed from the backed-up Duo Mobile account information in your phone’s iCloud backup between you deleting the account from Duo Mobile and cleaning the phone to give it away.

Duo Mobile on your new phone found the account backup in iCloud. You can tap the three dots to delete that disabled Instagram account from Duo Mobile on your new phone.

You can learn more about how Duo Mobile backup and restore works on iPhones here.

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Thank you so much for your response😊

But the thing is if I delete it , okay where it says disabled on the app by the dots will my Instagram be jeopardised? And also if I delete DuoMobile itself will my Instagram be jeopardised even though it is no way connected to my Instagram because I disabled it .

Hi @kimthemillenial,

Sorry for my delayed response. If you currently do not have Duo Mobile 2FA set up for Instagram (you log into Instagram without supplying a passcode from Duo; your Instagram 2FA settings show the “Authentication app” toggle is off), then deleting Duo Mobile from the phone will have no effect on your Instagram access.