Duo Wordpress Plugin not working after re-enabling it

I tested the Duo WordPress Plugin and it worked great. I deactivated the plugin for a while and wanted to reenable it, but now, I can’t log into my Wordpress anymore and always get an error “invalid integration”.

I tried to disable it like said in this support document but I’m unable to reactivate the plugin.

I also deleted the plugin settings from my wordpress database without success.

Also tried to create a new application in Duo and manually input the keys into the database without success.

What can I do?

My only workaround is to rename the plugin and all it’s functions/database entries so something different, then I can use it.

Hi @studentus,
Just a heads up that I recategorized your post as “Protecting Applications” since it is a little more specific and relevant to your question (WordPress is an application you protect with Duo).
I recommend reaching out to Duo Support for help troubleshooting this. Be sure to link to your post here for context to avoid repeating yourself in the support case :slight_smile: