DUO with formstack


I have a user who is having issues with using the integrated One Drive for Microsoft OneDrive within Formstack (https://www.formstack.com/). We recently rolled out DUO into our environment and ever since then the user who uses One Drive within Formstack gets errors. Is there a way to have DUO bypass this site for this user? Is there a better way to go about this?

From my understanding there are multiple people who would be accessing this site and it would be ideal if we could get this site to be bypassed for all users.

How did you deploy Duo?

There is no way in Duo itself to let a user bypass MFA for a single Microsoft 365 client application when all of Microsoft 365 is either federated with Duo SSO or uses the Duo custom control for Azure CA.

If you used the Duo custom control for Azure conditional access then you may be able to configure a conditional access rule in Azure that doesn’t apply the Duo control as a condition for that application (IDK what Formstack is and or if it shows up in Azure as its own application or if it just gets handled as a client for OneDrive preventing Azure CA policies from applying only to Formstack).