DUO Windows Login Remember me

Good afternoon,

We are currently rolling out DUO Windows Login MFA for our users.

We really like the “Remember Me” feature, but it gets a little frustrating for users when the switch from a wired connection on their dock to a wireless connection (conference room etc). Every time they switch between the 2 they have to authenticate again and start the Remember me again.

Is there anyway to not have it prompt between networks?

Thanks for trying the remembered devices feature for Windows. The behavior you describe is intentional.

From How are local trusted sessions created by the remembered device option invalidated or revoked?:

Change to network location: At each logon authentication attempt Duo snapshots and compares the network state of the user’s device to determine whether it differs from the most recent network used to create a local trusted session. If the network state has changed, Duo prompts for interactive MFA.