DUO WEBSDK Application Integration

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I want to integrate Custom application using Websdk using java codes downloaded from duo client libaries. Need to provide clientId, clientSecret, api.host, and redirect.uri for application to integrate with Duo. Regarding redirect.uri i got below lines mentioned in one of the duo websdk document

" The redirect URI will be a separate endpoint on your service that listens for the Duo Prompt redirection callback. E.g. if your login form is at https://example.com:8080/login , then your redirect uri could be https://example.com:8080/duo-callback . This URI does not need to be publicly accessible by Duo, it will only be accessed from the end-user’s web browser. Must be a well-formed with a valid HTTPS URL and port, using a hostname (not an IP address), and a maximum length of 1024 characters".

Need to know URL (https://example.com:8080/duo-callback) will be the landing page in HIS post successful login

Please help

Can anyone please help me here

Hi @Vishal, I moved your post to the Web SDK category of the community to help others find it in the future. I’m having some trouble understanding your question (and this could be my lack of familiarity with our API :sweat_smile:), so forgive me if I misunderstand you. It sounds like you’re asking if the URI will be the page users are redirected to upon successful authentication, is that right? If so, you are correct.

After Duo successfully verifies the user, such as with a push or a phone call, their browser is then redirected to the redirect_uri specified earlier in the Client() object. This URI should be an endpoint in your service which completes the remainder of the end-user’s login.

Yes you got it right. Thank you for your response

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