DUO visio stencils and icons


Are there any known or standard Stencils or icons available for DUO.


Hi Sam, thanks for your question! As far as I know, Duo does not have any stencils or icons for Visio. I am confirming with the wider team to be sure though.

The only thing I could find are these non-Visio templates for Duo Mobile and the Duo Prompt, but these are more for end-user communication and documentation. I assume you’re after something to help create network diagrams.

Thanks Amy

I am specifically looking for the icon used in DUO PPTs for Auth proxy and DUO cloud to put a design for the environment.

Let me know if there is any icons/samples available


Ah cool, thank you for specifying what you need! We actually do have something like this. Will these work for your purposes?

Apologies that they’re huge haha I wanted to ensure the best resolution.

Thanks it works


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