Duo V4 SDK C# with .Net framework 4.5.2 website


I want to implement Duo MFA authorization into my asp.net website (4.5.2 framework), does Duo V4 SDK supports this framework version?

The readme at GitHub - duosecurity/duo_universal_csharp: Duo two-factor authentication for .NET web applications states

This library requires .NET Core 3.1 or higher, or .NET Framework 4.7.1 or higher

While the Duo v2 .NET SDK does work with 4.5.2, all of our v2 SDKs will be deprecated in favor of the v4 SDKs, so you would eventually need to migrate to the v4 SDK with its attendant .NET requirements anyway.

Got it, thank you. Any idea on when is the support going to end for V2?


Not yet, but we will provide at least 18 months support after the deprecation announcement.

The Universal Prompt update guide will have details on the v2 end of life once known:
Traditional Prompt End of Support.