Duo Universal prompt - I am lost

Dear all,

from the doc webpage on “Universal Prompt” it seems (at least from my understanding) that I can use DUO security (possibly with push notifications) to login into any website…like amazon.com to mention one…

However, I was only able to add amazon as a 2FA DUO protected website (it asks me for the 6 digits code) but no Universal promot is triggering when I logout + login.

Any hint?

Not every application can use Duo’s Universal Prompt. It requires that the calling application integrate Duo using our OIDC API or our Web SDK v4.

Another way to add Duo Universal Prompt to Amazon services is available if you use AWS. AWS logins can be federated with Duo SSO.

Amazon partnered with us to develop a QuickStart for adding Duo to AWS Directory with a RADIUS integration, utilizing the Duo Authentication Proxy. Duo RADIUS authentication does not feature the Universal Prompt.

Which Amazon product did you integrate with Duo?