DUO to authenticate downloads

We need to enable duo authentication for browser downloads where if a user downloads anything via the browser he is prompted for MFA before the download starts, support is saying this is possible if we have an authentication on the browser need help on how we can achieve this

Hi @Shabbar, welcome to the Duo Community! Thank you for raising this question here in the forums. I am hopeful that another admin or IT expert knows of a program that can help you.

I was looking into your support case with us about this issue, and I just wanted to add some more context to your question here, as it will help others in answering you.

Because Duo can work generically with any primary authenticator set up with SAML 2.0 or Active Directory authentication, you would need to first find a solution that provides primary authentication to the browser in order to add 2FA with Duo there. So to clarify, you’re looking for a solution that would provide primary authentication to a browser, correct?

Yes we would like to find a primary authenticator which will work with duo and support the use case

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Thanks for clarifying that! I know your support agent was going to ask around internally to see if anyone knows of a solution. If there are any updates, I’ll share them here as well.