Duo - Telephony credit issue

Hi Duo Team,

I am trying to add $100 Duo Credit issue but facing a transaction declined issue. even I have tried with 2 more credit cards but same issue. Please share with me another option for adding a Telephonic credit limit. It’s urgent. we are using Duo on production servers.

Or please add $100 backup credit to the below account and share me payment option because we are facing a transaction declined message.

I have also mailed on support & ssbilling but waiting update from yesterday.


Hi @Umesh_Prajapati, welcome to the Duo Community! I can help you with this. Just FYI, I removed your Account ID from this post to be on the safe side. Because it is a public platform, our community guidelines prohibit any of our users from sharing their personal identifying information or corporate information in the forums to protect the privacy, safety, and security of our members.

Anyway, I can look into helping you with this with our internal Duo team. We’ll be in touch soon! Thanks.

I have multiple times mailed on support and billing team but no one responding on mail… I am using Duo 2FA from last 6 months but issue is my Duo telephonic. Credit balance is very low…

I have tried multiple time to buy telphonic credit card from 3 different credit card but every time declined msg showing… Now we are stuck on server

Thats why I have msg on community for quick response … It will be great help if you add $100 telephonic backup credit on our Duo account… we are ready to pay… It will great help to solve our production server issue…



Hi @Umesh_Prajapati, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble purchasing telephony credits. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to add credits to accounts. I have spoken with your account representatives and they assured me they’re working on a solution for this for you. Have you heard any update from them?

still we are facing issue on add a telephonic credit option.

Hi Umesh, I’m told your Duo Account Executive has reached out to help you with this and it should be resolved soon, if it has not been already. Thanks!

Hi Amy,

We are still facing issues from last 2 weeks. As per India RBI rule, we are not able to pay auto option that’s why when we try to purchase telephonic credit then the message sowing declined.

Please resolve the telephonic payment issue through credit card from India… lots of customers are facing the same issues in India.

Our forward this case on priority. This is very urgent for us.

I have the same problem. I already send an email, but don’t have respost yet.

Hi @rodrigo.cunha, I checked on your request, and our internal team is actively looking into this for you and will be in touch. You may not get a response immediately, but rest assured that the team is on it!

For a bit more context, I’m unable to assist in billing issues myself, and the community is not the best forum to post these kinds of requests, as they concern private information including payment forms and customer info that can’t be shared publicly. Thanks for your understanding and patience!