Duo + TACACS functionality


Hi there,

We want some of our network devices to have command authorization using TACACS. Documentation states that Duo can only be RADIUS and not a TACACS server. Does Duo support TACACS or are there any workarounds to have Duo interact with TACACS.



Welcome to the community, Connor!

There is not currently a Duo tested/supported configuration, but some customers have been able to integrate Duo with TACACS. This has been discussed in this previous thread: How to use Duo with Cisco TACACS. I recommend checking out that thread and following up there.


Hey Dooley,

I’ve taken a look at the thread and did some playing around. Is there any way to interface a generic TACACS server and duo without the use of Cisco ISE/ACS?



Hey Connor,
I did some poking around on this one. Duo + generic TACACS is not a known or supported configuration. Unlike ISE/ACS, we have not heard of customers successfully configuring a generic TACACS integration.