Duo sso with umbrella integration


I am trying to integrate duo sso with cisco umbrella

  1. can I use AD as my authentication resource?
  2. where do I upload the metadata file that I downloaded from cisco umbrella

I managed to upload the metadata file I downloaded from the duo admin panel but I cant find the place to upload the file i downloaded from umbrella page.

We couldn’t validate your configuration. Please try again. I get this error when I test the configuration.

What package(s) did you install, e.g., Duo for Remote Desktop Gateway, etc., and what instruction(s) did you follow? I don’t think anyone can help without knowing what setup you have and what you tried to install/do.

And, yes, Duo can use Microsoft Active Directory as an authentication source. My setup does. I use Duo’s RDG and SSO for that.

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Hi @rahel ,

Did you follow these instructions for SSO with Umbrella? Duo Single Sign-On for Cisco Umbrella | Duo Security

You download an XML metadata file from Duo to upload to Umbrella, but you do not upload an XML file from Umbrella to Duo.