DUO SSO with Azure AD and Tableau Application

Hello everyone, we would like to secure an application with SSO and use DUO as the IDP.
We use an Azure AD as source within DUO.
We use “Username” as the SAML Response value.
According to the documentation, username is mapped against sAMAccountName.
When i use the SSO login, Azure AD wants the UPN (@exampledomain.com) for Login.
The login is successfull.
DUO delivers the following information as the response: exampledomain.com<Username> which is the UPN for me and not the sAMAccountName.

Has anyone here had similar problems? Can I still adjust something there?

We map <username> to Username by default for Tableau when using a SAML authentication source by default. Sounds lke you just need to check the box for custom attributes and map <Username> to whatever Azure AD attribute holds the username value you want returned - and you likely also need to add it to your additional user claims in Azure as well (look at step 17 on the Azure tab here).