Duo SSO using google workspace idp

Really struggling to get duo sso to connect to my google workspace as an authentication source. I’ve followed to official guide to the letter and feel like im missing something.

Am i expected to manually create users in duo that are still SSO based in my google world?

Hey @Matt_Painter,

User Accounts will need to exist in both Duo and Google for those that you want to be able to use Duo 2FA. There are a few different ways to enroll users into Duo which should make adding them a bit easier.

If you’re following Duo Single Sign-On docs it should have you create a new SAML application in Google Workspace and give it the information provided in the docs, you’ll also need to give some information to Duo SSO about Google Workspace.

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I am having the same issue. I have gone through the Duo Single Sign-On doc and created the App → Web and mobile app. I have the 5 SAML attribute mappings, Service is turned on for Everyone within the organization.

I then under the Duo portal selected the organization, added the application for Google Workspace - Single Sign-On which gave me the ACS URL and entity ID for the Web and Mobile App

I only have 1 user in Duo which is my account. When I login to gmail I get right into the inbox and does not prompt for the Duo Push notification.