DUO SSO only allows one users


I applied DUO SSO on webex control hub but only the user I authenticated the DUO SSO for the first time is allowed to access the webex control hub.

I have sync other users from AD but they cant access the webex control hub with their respective credential.
Please assist me on this.
I will be waiting.


Hi Rahel, I recommend you contact Duo Support for help with this issue. They will be able to troubleshoot this with you much faster than we can here in the Duo Community, since we don’t have access to see your configuration or anything.

Ok I am contacting them, I need urgent response for this tho, Thanks

I am trying to integrate duo sso with cisco umbrella

  1. can I use AD as my authentication resource?
  2. where do I upload the metadata file that I downloaded from cisco umbrella

Hi again,

Yes, Duo Single Sign-On acts as an identity provider (IdP), authenticating your users using existing on-premises Active Directory (AD).

On the Cisco Umbrella Upload and Verify Other Metadata page under “XML File Upload” click Or select a file… and select the XML metadata file.

Please take a look at our Duo SSO for Cisco Umbrella documentation here and let us know if you have further questions.