DUO SSO + Office 365

Hey there,

Exists any way to integrate O365 with Duo SSO (not dag)? or when would be available?

Hey @Patricio_Mansilla,

I just sent you a message.

We are working on a named application. While we are building that we will be releasing a knowledge base article that can help people set up a generic SAML application in Duo for Office 365 with Modern Authentication.


Hi @jamie - I looked for this KB article, but wasn’t able to find it. O365 is my last DAG application that I’d like to migrate to Duo SSO. Can you pass the instructions my way? Thanks!

@jamie Was this ever released? I have a case opened trying to generic SAML to work with Office 365 and Duo SSO and having trouble. Would love to make sure I have things configured correctly

Hi @KpJa and @mikeperrin sorry for the slow response.

That KB article is now live: Guide to Configuring Office 365 with Duo Single Sign-On