DUO Service and Admin page don't work. Support doesn't answer!

Our company paid 1800 USD but nothing is working and support doesn’t answer from 23 May!
When I try to log in, I get an error:

This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in [redacted customer information].

I tried to mail to support 3 times. What is happened?

Please answer. My case number is 00938685 and 00952651.

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, @mordraga.

I wanted to let you know I edited your post to remove your customer information. Please don’t post integration keys or API host information in this public forum.

We’re seeing high support volume but your cases will get looked at.

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Hello Kristina!
I understand that your company’s employees are very busy, but for a commercial product for 1800 USD, waiting from 05/23/2022 for a response to a critical malfunction is a very long time.
Now is more than 3 weeks!