Duo Security personal use

I was looking into Duo for a personal account to secure a web service supporting the use of Duo. Now the edition faq Duo Editions Update: Customer FAQ | Duo Security shows “ Duo’s Personal Edition is now called Duo Free. Don’t worry, you’ll continue to enjoy the same functionality and support that you had before at no cost for up to 10 users.” so I guess it allow for personal use. Then when one tries to make an account the Terms section fount at signup.duo.com showing at https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en_us/about/doing_business/legal/OfferDescriptions/duo-offer-description.pdf shows “ . The Cloud Service is provided for commercial use only, not for private use.” in section 2.1 Use Limitations. So is it or isn’t a free account allowed for personal use or is the free account only allowed for commercial us?

Thanks in advance, Sebastiaan

Hi @sveld, and welcome to the Duo Community! That language is included in the terms because, while we can’t control whether a person uses Duo for private use, Duo is really intended for business use. That’s all! Hope that helps.

Hi @Amy, thx for the follow up. Good to know. While I have customers leveraging Duo too, I was just wondering if private use was strictly forbidden wit a penalty of being kicked off:0. Guess we’re good to go.

Thx again.