DUO secondary authentication error

At the office when we connect our users connect their VPN’s it opens a browser window with a login page. The user logs in and then should get the DUO push option screen (or call, or message etc) I have one user in a few thousand that gets an error that says

“Invalid secondary username or password. Please re-enter user information”

This isn’t specifically a DUO error and is more to do with the machine as the user can log on fine on other machines with the same credentials. I understand that rebuilding the machine from scratch will most likely fix the issue but before I go through that process of getting it shipped to me and rebuilding. Has anyone seen anything similar before and have a fix?


What is the VPN? What client are you using?

Pulse secure. It usually works fine and if I log onto the VPN as a different user from the same machine it works fine for that user also. Just issues for this one user. I appreciate that this is more of a machine problem than a DUO problem. Just trying to avoid a full machine rebuild

Thanks for responding

Hmm, I can’t think of what might cause that for a single user on a single workstation. Did you already try uninstalling Pulse client and clearing out any data that might have been cached by Pulse in that user’s profile?

Yes me, neither. Uninstalled pulse, cleared temp files. Tried different browsers. Seems weird that even on that one users windows profile another user uses their credentials it still works

OK so I found a solution to this in the end. It’s a bit weird and I can’t explain it but it worked. We tend to use Chrome mainly but our VPN still brings up a login box for IE, either browser has this problem. YOu can just browse to the URL in a Chrome browser to connect the VPN else if you use the desktop app it will open IE by default. I initially factory reset IE and some other point in the trouble shooting process factory reset Chrome. Today I factory reset IE and before testing it also factory reset Chrome. I have no idea why it worked or what kicked it in but once I tested it it all worked fine. Can’t explain it but hopefully someone else find this useful