Duo Restore without Google Drive


I’m using Duo Authenticator on my mobile but trying to move away from Google ecosystem.

The Duo Restore functionality is really neat, but I couldn’t find a way to set it to backup to another cloud service (e.g. Nextcloud) or even locally.

Is there any way of backing up the accounts to a file / folder locally which I could manage as I wish or am I tied to use Google Drive for this purpose? Also if I just back up fully the application data from my Android, would I be able to restore the 2FA accounts as-is?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Late,
There is not currently a way to backup Duo Mobile accounts other than using the backup method for your device (Google Drive for Android and iCloud backup for iOS). This is a pretty common request we hear from users and particularly Duo admins, so I will be sure to note your interest in this and share it with our mobile team.

No, exfiltrating app data to put another device will not work for Duo accounts, and there is not a way to back up the accounts locally as stated above. I’ll share your request with the team though for future consideration! Thanks for asking this question in the Duo Community. We’re always glad to have your feedback.