Duo Restore not working

I’m new here but I use DUO MObile for a while.

I use 2 phones, both Android. I’ve setup DUO Restore to sync it with my google drive account. Then I’ve done the same on my 2nd phone and it works fine. I get a full sync of all my dozen of entries.

But recently I’ve added a new entry on my first phone and it does not appears on my second phone. What Am I doing wrong ?

ON settigs, both phones have a DUO RESTORE Enabled, and the gmail account is the same on both, and on both I’ve “last backup, 9 march 2021, 13:42”

Please help

Hi Nestor,

Duo Restore is intended to assist with migrating to a new phone, or restoring your accounts if your phone gets reset. It is not designed to keep two active phones synced with each other.

If you have Duo Restore set up on both phones, both phones are creating their own backup. The information backed up by phone A is not synced to or restored to phone B.