Duo Release Notes for October 26, 2018


Hello everyone! Here are the release notes for the most recent updates we’ve made to Duo.

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New features, enhancements, and other improvements

New Admin Status feature for Duo MFA, Duo Access, and Duo Beyond edition customers

  • Duo Administrators can now be set to “Active” or “Disabled” status via their administrator page in the Duo Admin Panel.
  • An administrator set to “Disabled” will be denied access to the Duo Admin Panel after entering their primary credentials.
  • Administrators can now be automatically set to “Disabled” after a specific number of days elapses after their last login. This is configurable on the Admin Login Settings page.

New “User is not in permitted group” authentication log result

  • If a user attempts to access an application but they are not a member of a group permitted to access that application, the Authentication Log will now list their denial as “User is not in permitted group.”

New and updated applications

Duo Mobile for Android 3.23.2 released

  • Fixed an issue with notification sounds for Duo Push notifications.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bugs causing links to be opened in the incorrect tab when CMD- or CTRL- clicking (for Mac and Windows, respectively) metric links in the Duo Admin Panel.
  • When a Duo Administrator enters a custom time range filter on the Authentication Log report, the start and end dates are validated for correctness.
    • The start date time cannot occur after the end date time.
    • The start date time must be less then or equal 180 days before the current date.
    • The date time range cannot span more than 180 days.
  • When creating a new on-premises Active Directory or OpenLDAP Directory, the Port field will no longer wrap to the next line when validation errors for the Hostname or Port field occur.
  • When viewing a user’s details in the Duo Admin Panel, the Add Alias button no longer appears if that user is read-only either due to being a synced user or from being moved to the trash.
  • Fixed a bug whereby a Duo Administrator was able to add users to groups managed by directory sync. Admins will now (correctly) not be able to add users to those groups.