Duo Release Notes for November 10, 2017


Hello everyone! Here are the release notes for the most recent updates we’ve made to Duo.

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Features, enhancements, and other improvements

New Directory Sync options

  • Customers can now use our Directory Sync feature to synchronize users from an OpenLDAP directory.
  • Customers can also perform an Active Directory Sync from a Linux or non-domain-joined Windows Server.
  • These features require Duo Authentication Proxy 2.6.0.
  • In the Duo Admin Panel, go to Users -> Directory Sync -> New Directory to get started.
  • This feature is available to Duo MFA, Duo Access, and Duo Beyond edition customers.

Updates to how Duo interacts with biometric verification

  • We have added official support for Face ID as a biometric factor. Face ID is treated equivalently to Touch ID. As a result, we have renamed the “Fingerprint” policy to “Mobile Device Biometrics.”
  • In order to account for this change, we have updated all instances of “Fingerprint” in the Duo Admin Panel and the Duo Prompt to reflect the change. This includes the Policy page, the Device Insights page, the 2FA Devices page, and appropriate Reports.

Bulk user delete and restore function in the Duo Admin Panel

  • Admins can now delete multiple users at a time from the Users page.
    • Deleting a user now sends a user into pending deletion in “Trash”, which is accessible from the Users page.
  • After being moved into Trash, users can be restored or permanently deleted.

Update to Duo Restore in the Duo Mobile app

  • We no longer clear Push credentials when users tap “Get Working” in Duo Mobile. This allows users to still use their old device (if present) for Push when restoring their accounts.

Improved Deployment Progress Report in the Duo Admin Panel

  • The Users table in the Deployment Progress report can now be exported as a CSV or JSON file.

Improved Authentication Log UI and functionality

  • CSV and JSON exports of the new Authentication Log table will include Trusted Endpoint information.

New and updated applications

  • Versions 3.19.0 and 3.19.1 of the Duo Mobile app for iOS were released.
    • 3.19.0 included support for Face ID and included enhancements for iPhone X.
    • 3.19.1 fixed an issue where Security Checkup would report screen-lock failing on an iPhone X with Face ID enabled.
  • Duo Authentication Proxy 2.6.0 was released. It features:
    • Support for Directory Sync with a Linux Authentication Proxy.
    • Support for Directory Sync using an OpenLDAP directory.
    • Added password authentication for LDAP sync.
    • Small bug fixes.