Duo Release Notes for May 24, 2019

Hello everyone! Here are the release notes for the most recent updates we’ve made to Duo.

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New features, enhancements, and other improvements

Duo Admin Panel layout improvements

  • The table on the Groups page now utilizes a “Load more” button to display more entries. This replaces the previous pagination functionality.
    • This change is similar to the changes to other Admin Panel pages and tables from previous releases.
  • The Users page has been visually updated with minor changes to the top-level filters and cards.
    • The previous “Trash” tab is now labeled “Pending Deletion”.
    • All other filtering functionality remains the same.
  • A “Call Timed Out” result has been added to the Authentication Log. This result covers when authentication was denied because the call was not answered or call authentication timed out for an indeterminate reason.
  • When a user bypasses the prompt, the Second Factor in the Authentication Log will now be recorded as “N/A” instead of “Unknown”.

Miscellaneous changes

  • When a user enters a passcode that is sent to them via SMS, over the phone, or is generated via the Duo Mobile App, single spaces are now “stripped out.” For example, the passcodes “123456” and “123 456” are now identified as the same code and valid.
  • Republic of Congo (+242) numbers can now be added by end-users via the Duo Prompt.

New and updated applications

Duo Mobile 3.28.0 for Android and iOS released

  • The Duo Mobile app now enables you to securely restore your third-party accounts (such as Instagram, Amazon, etc.) after you get a new device or reset your current device. This does not affect Duo-protected accounts managed by your organization. Note that you must opt-in to third-party restore and set a recovery password to use this feature.
  • This new version was covered earlier in the week. Learn more in the Duo Guide.

Duo Network Gateway 1.5.0 released

  • Added support for X-Forwarded-Host and X-Forwarded-Proto headers to be sent in requests to protected applications.
  • Changed Let’s Encrypt to support future requirements from the service.