Duo Release Notes for May 10, 2019


Hello everyone! Here are the release notes for the most recent updates we’ve made to Duo.

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New features, enhancements, and other improvements

Phone call authentication to Chinese numbers issue resolved

  • Duo has resolved issues with blocked phone call authentications to Chinese (+86) numbers (described at the top of this post) by working with one of our telephony providers and the Chinese government.
  • Our automated phone calls for authentication are no longer being blocked.
  • The message that appeared in the Duo Prompt advising users with +86 numbers against using phone call authentication has now been removed.

Duo Admin Panel layout improvements

  • The Azure Active Directory, Active Directory, and OpenLDAP sections of the Directory Sync page are now separate tabs, instead of all appearing on the same page.
    • The tables on each of these tabs now utilize a “Load more” button to display more entries. This replaces the previous pagination functionality.
  • The Hardware Tokens table under the 2FA Devices section now utilizes a “Load more” button to display more entries. This replaces the previous pagination functionality.
  • These changes are similar to the changes to the Pending Enrollments and Applications tables from our previous releases.

Additional improvements

  • Improved performance of retrieving the default Directory name from Azure when creating a new Azure Active Directory sync in the Duo Admin Panel.
  • Added a link to our Services Privacy Notice to the Sign Up for Duo and Duo Admin Panel login pages.

New and updated applications

Duo Mobile for iOS 3.27.0 released

  • Improved WatchOS stability to address connection issues.
  • Updated Duo Push notifications to always show even if you have the application open.
  • Improved our localized app experience with updated translations and fixed cut off text.

Additional changes

Bug fixes

  • Improved the handling of usernames containing certain special characters for Azure AD single-user sync.
  • The response from the Admin API endpoint for retrieving a single phone no longer includes paging metadata.