Duo Release Notes for March 5, 2021

Hello everyone! Here are the release notes for the most recent updates we’ve made to Duo.

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What’s in this release?

New and updated applications

New features, enhancements, and other improvements

Bug fixes

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New and updated applications

Shibboleth and CAS (Central Authentication Service) integrations may now be updated to support the future release of the Duo Universal Prompt

  • Back-end updates are now available for the Shibboleth and CAS integrations to get them ready to support the future release of the Universal Prompt, which is currently in development.
  • Review a list of which Duo applications now support the future Universal Prompt experience in our documentation.
  • To see a list of which of your applications will eventually support the Universal Prompt, and to check for updates you can perform now, refer to the Universal Prompt Update Progress report in the Admin Panel.

Partner WebSDK integration type now supports v4 of the Duo Web SDK

  • The Partner WebSDK integration type, used for integrating Duo into custom applications built by Duo’s tech partners, now supports the latest version of the Duo Web SDK.
  • Migration of Web SDK v2 applications to Web SDK v4 is a prerequisite for enabling the future Universal Prompt experience. Check the status of new and existing Web SDK applications in the Universal Prompt section of the application details page.

Duo Mobile for iOS version 3.50.0 released

  • Various behind-the-scenes improvements and minor bug fixes to enhance your authentication experience.

Duo Device Health Application version 2.11.0 for Windows and version for macOS released

  • For Windows:
    • Fixed issue that could cause Chrome’s version to be reported incorrectly.
    • Fixed issue that could cause the home screen to be marked as out of date for an update that was not available.
    • Fixed issue that could cause the firewall status to be reported incorrectly with multiple concurrently active profiles.
  • For macOS:
    • Improved performance of security agent detection.
    • Fixed issue that caused the home screen to miss available OS updates on macOS 11.
    • Help text can now be selected and copied to the clipboard.
  • See an additional enhancement to Device Health app policy capabilities below under “New features, enhancements, and other improvements.”

Duo Splunk Connector version 1.1.8 released

  • Fixed a bug in packaging where the latest version of the six module was not getting set in splunk env. This resolves issues seen upgrading to the latest version of Duo Splunk Connector due to incompatible libraries in older six versions.

New features, enhancements, and other improvements

Dropbox added as a new integration for Duo Single Sign-On

  • You can now configure Dropbox to use Duo Single Sign-On as its SAML identity provider.

Enhancements to Duo Device Health application policy and agent verification options

  • When configuring the Duo Device Health application policy, you can now specify your desired policy behavior based on the operating system of the authenticating device (e.g. Windows or macOS). Previously, the Device Health policy did not allow separate configuration options per OS.
  • The following agent verification solutions are now fully supported for use in conjunction with the Device Health application’s antivirus/anti-malware agent check and policy options:
    • BitDefender Endpoint Security
    • CylancePROTECT
    • McAfee Endpoint Security
    • SentinelOne
    • Sophos AV
    • Trend Micro Apex One
    • VMWare Carbon Black Cloud

Administrator Actions log now includes additional details when a new integration is created

  • In addition to Name and Type, the following additional details will now be included in the Administrator Actions log when creating a new integration via the Duo Admin Panel or the Duo Admin API:
    • Networks for API access
    • Greeting
    • Notes
    • Offline auth enabled
    • Offline max days
    • Offline max attempts
    • Self service allowed
    • Username normalization policy
    • Missing web referrer policy
    • Group access

Duo administrators will now receive email confirmation when their password is changed

  • Changing an administrator’s password in the Admin Panel will now trigger an email confirmation to the administrator with the subject line “Duo password changed.”
  • The text will read: Your password for the Duo Admin Panel has been changed. If you did not authorize this change, please email support@duosecurity.com.

Demo the Duo Universal Prompt on demo.duo.com

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a “too many redirects” error that affected certain customers who are presented with a workflow to accept Cisco terms of service when logging into the Admin Panel for the first time. They will now see a UI message clarifying that an Owner or Administrator-role admin needs to accept the terms before other admin roles may log in.
  • Only administrators whose role allows them to order Duo hardware tokens in the Admin Panel (e.g. Owner and Billing roles) will receive an email when their order ships, instead of all administrators on an account.

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