Duo Release Notes for June 8, 2017


Hello everyone! Here are the release notes for the most recent updates we’ve made to Duo.

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Duo Admin Panel features, enhancements, and other improvements


  • Improved Bulk User Actions for adding users to Groups. More updates coming on this front in a later release.
  • Admins can now select all users that have been filtered in the Users table and add them a group.
  • Admins can now select users across multiple pages of the Users table and add them to a group.
  • Endpoints are now sorted by “Last Used” on the User view page in the Admin Panel.


  • In the Policy Builder in the Admin Panel, Chrome Mobile and Mobile Safari are no longer contained under “All other browsers”. They are now considered separate browsers and policies may be applied against them.

Navigation sidebar

  • Reduced visual clutter of the navigation sidebar in the Admin Panel for improved legibility.
  • The selected section of the navigation sidebar now has a light blue background for improved contrast.


  • The field lengths of various form items in the Admin Panel have been adjusted to more accurately reflect the implied length of content that will be entered. This is part of a longer term effort to clean up the admin panel in-line with recommended content guidelines from the web standards bodies.
  • Improved recognition of Slack and HipChat software on the Endpoint page and Authentication Log in the Admin Panel.

Trusted Endpoints


  • The Generic SAML - Service Provider application in the Admin Panel now has an option to select a signature algorithm (defaults to SHA-256).
  • Thirty-two (32) Duo Access Gateway Service Providers have been updated to use SHA-256 as their signature algorithm.
  • DigiCert and HipChat are now usable as Duo Access Gateway Service Providers.


  • The Duo Insight phishing tool (insight.duo.com, also accessible via the Admin Panel) has been updated to feature pre-populated templates.

Other improvements and changes