Duo Release Notes for June 7, 2019

Hello everyone! Here are the release notes for the most recent updates we’ve made to Duo.

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New features, enhancements, and other improvements

Duo Admin Panel improvements

  • The group selector field for Azure Active Directory Synchronization is now much more responsive for administrators with thousands of groups.
    • The group selector will be ready to use much more quickly at page load for customers with thousands of groups in their directories.
    • The advanced search capability has been replaced with live searching, matching what the user types with the beginning of the group names.
      • A maximum of 100 results will be shown when searching.
      • This functionality is available only if the directory contains more than 750 groups.
    • The previous maximum of 10,000 directory groups has been removed. All directory groups can be searched for.
    • There are no functionality changes if the Azure directory contains 750 or fewer groups.
  • Hostname whitelisting changes are now recorded in the Administrator Actions report.
  • The text accompanying Duo Administrator role descriptions has been clarified, in particular to indicate that Help Desk administrators cannot modify usernames.

New and updated applications

Duo Unix 1.11.2 released

  • Published a guide to recommended Kerberos configuration for Duo Unix. Thanks to Neal Poole at Facebook for bringing expertise and attention to this topic.
  • Updated SELinux policy to allow local logins to use the pam_duo PAM module and made sshd configurable. This requires installation of selinux-policy-devel on CentOS and RHEL 7 as a prerequisite.
  • Added support for spaces in group names when escaped with backslashes in pam_duo.conf and login_duo.conf.
  • Debian 7 is no longer supported.
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