Duo Release Notes for January 25, 2019


Hello everyone! Here are the release notes for the most recent updates we’ve made to Duo.

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New features, enhancements, and other improvements

Check a user’s device enrollment status with new Admin API parameter “is_enrolled”

  • This parameter can be used on all endpoints that return a user object. It can be used to determine whether a user has a phone, hardware token, U2F token, or security key available for authentication.

Specify a new administrator’s role when creating an administrator activation link

  • When creating a new administrator activation link you can specify one of the following admin roles: “Owner”, “Administrator”, “Application Manager”, “User Manager”, “Help Desk”, “Billing”, “Phishing Manager”, or “Read-only”.

Device Insight Report now has additional time filters for time series graphs

  • Thirty- and ninety-day-lookback periods have been added to the Trusted and Not-Trusted tabs on the Device Insight Report in the Duo Admin Panel.
  • Data from December 5, 2018 forward is available.

Bug fixes

  • The Device Insight Report’s time series graphs on the Trusted and Not-Trusted tabs now show the correct number of out-of-date devices.
  • When there are no longer any active Trusted Endpoint configurations, admins will now be able to turn off the Trusted Endpoint policy check on any previously configured policies.
  • Added missing error messages to a page on the Admin Panel where none previously had been reported. This happened when no authentication method selections were selected under the Admin Login Settings option.
  • If an Azure directory sync fails because of invalid or expired authorization, account owners will be notified via email to reauthorize the directory through the Admin Panel, and the job will be unlocked after a successful manual sync.
  • The order of rows when exporting hardware tokens from the Admin Panel has changed. Before, this was sorted by platform, then by serial number. Now, this is sorted by order of token creation. This allows us to vastly increase the speed of this export.
  • Fixed a bug whereby sometimes, attempting to assign a policy on the application screen in the Admin Panel would do nothing.