Duo Release Notes for January 15, 2019


Hello everyone! Here are the release notes for the most recent updates we’ve made to Duo.

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New features, enhancements, and other improvements

Duo Admin Panel toggle to disable Duo Mobile analytics

  • A toggle has been added to the Duo Admin Panel that disables the collection of usage and crash reporting analytics via the Duo Mobile app. If disabled, the app will disable collection the next time that users with an activated account in your organization open the app.
  • This toggle is located in the Settings > Duo Mobile App section of the Admin Panel. It is only configurable by Duo Admins with the Owner or Administrator roles.
  • This setting requires Duo Mobile 3.24.1 or newer.

Seven-day lookback period for Device Insight report

  • The Device Insight report in the Duo Admin Panel now includes a 7-day historical time series graph for trusted and not-trusted devices.

AD DS Trusted Endpoints Configuration improvement

  • The “Create and Configure Your Group Policy Object” section of Active Directory Domain Services configuration is no longer specific to particular browsers. Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge XML files are now all contained in one section.

Additional changes

  • Improved performance in the Duo Admin Panel when assigning a phone or hardware token to a new user.

New and updated applications

Authentication Proxy 2.12.0 released

  • Introduced new configuration options minimum_tls_version and cipher_list for hardening the TLS configuration of the Authentication Proxy when acting as an SSL server ([radius_server_eap] or [ldap_server_auto]). Learn more about these parameters in the documentation.
  • OpenSSL is now built along with the Authentication Proxy on Linux. Admins no longer need to install OpenSSL separately as a prerequisite.
  • Perl is now a prerequisite for building the Authentication Proxy on Linux.
  • The Authentication Proxy now validates parts of your configuration at startup and when running the Connectivity Tool.
  • Additional bug fixes.

Authentication Proxy 2.12.1 released

  • Corrects an issue that prevented usage of unicode characters in the authproxy.cfg file.

Duo Mobile 3.24.1 for Android and iOS released

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes for increased stability.
  • Required minimum version for Duo Administrator usage analytics opt-out to function.

Duo Mobile 3.24.2 for Android released

  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes for increased stability.