Duo Release Notes for February 14, 2017


Hello everyone! To help celebrate the love we have for our customers on this Valentine’s Day, here are the release notes for updates we’ve made to Duo in our early 2017 releases. Moving forward, we’ll release these on a more regular cadence to help keep you informed regarding our new features and more.

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Duo Admin Panel features, enhancements, and other improvements

  • We have released a new product, Duo Beyond, and renamed our existing editions Duo Free, Duo MFA, and Duo Access. Read more here: Announcing Our New Edition, Duo Beyond! | Duo Security.
    • You can trial Duo Beyond now!
  • Trusted Endpoints: Secure BYOD by identifying both corporate and personal devices and enforce policies against them.
    • Easily deploy client device certificates either through AD DS or EAM solutions including Jamf and LANDESK.
  • The Device Insight preview page is now visible to Duo MFA customers. Now you can see the health of endpoints in your environment at a glance.
  • The Admin Panel dashboard now displays ballpark numbers for metric cards. This makes reading the numbers more user-friendly.
  • Added support for more Android device names, including the Samsung Galaxy 7 and LG G5.
  • Hardware tokens are now a separate authentication method that can be allowed or disallowed via Authentication Methods. This feature has been enabled for all Duo MFA customers and above.
  • The “Fraud alert email” Admin Panel setting was renamed to “Alert email” in order to better reflect what this feature does.

New and updated applications:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Network Connect users would see a script error before the Duo Prompt appears.
  • Fixed an issue where Azure Sync would fail in some instances. It is now more robust, keeps track of errors that occur, and lists them in the Administrator Actions log entry for the sync.
  • Fixed a race condition in phone number validation during enrollment. The validator now ensures the result the end-user sees is always for the last character they typed.
  • Added/fixed translations in Duo Prompt for “U2F Token,” “resend email,” “Text me new codes,” software update strings, and more.
  • Fixed the message we show administrators after enrolling users using Bulk Self-Enrollment.