Duo Release Notes for August 17, 2017


Hello everyone! Here are the release notes for the most recent updates we’ve made to Duo.

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Features, enhancements, and other improvements

  • Duo Access and Duo Beyond customers now have access to a more powerful Authorized Networks policy section in the Duo Admin Panel. In addition to the previous behavior of allowing designated IP addresses and ranges to bypass two-factor authentication, customers can now also configure the policy to require two-factor authentication for designated addresses/ranges and to deny access for any non-matching addresses.
  • Added a Duo Beyond setup guide to the Duo Admin Panel that helps customers get started.
  • Added an SSO Setup Guide that helps users set up Duo Access Gateway (DAG) with SSO to the Duo Admin Panel. This is accessible from the Applications tab via a link next to the “Protect an Application” button. The link to the guide is accompanied by an informational banner.

New and updated applications