Duo Release Notes for April 24, 2020

Hello everyone! Here are the release notes for the most recent updates we’ve made to Duo.

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What’s in this release?

New features, enhancements, and other improvements

New and updated applications

Bug fixes

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New features, enhancements, and other improvements

Chat support link added to Duo Admin Panel

  • A link to access technical support via chat has been added to the Admin Panel in the left sidebar under “Need Help?”

Improvements to Directory Sync for users with invalid email addresses, addition of ability to edit non-synced notes or alias fields

  • During a directory sync, if a user has an invalid email address, their remaining user data will still be synced. Previously in cases like this, the user would not have been synced. For Active Directory and OpenLDAP syncs, invalid distinguished names (DN) will also now be ignored.
  • If notes or alias fields are not synced from a directory, those fields can now be edited via the Duo Admin Panel or the Admin API. Previously, this feature was only available for Azure Active Directory syncs. It is now available for Active Directory and OpenLDAP, as well.
  • Links to documentation will now appear on Directory Sync pages in the Admin Panel.

Message added to top of enrollment and activation emails

  • Emails sent to users during enrollment in Duo or Duo Mobile activation will now include a non-editable message at the top identifying the email as an automated message from Duo Security.
  • These messages are designed to be a consistent point of reference for end-users to judge whether an email they have received is a phishing attempt.

Support for additional countries in the Admin Panel when formatting date, time, and telephone numbers

  • Kosovo has been added as a selectable region on the Settings page of the Admin Panel. Regions are used to format the date and time in the Admin Panel.
  • More country codes have been added to the dropdown list when adding a phone number for a Duo administrator or a user.

Links to documentation added to Admin Panel pages related to activating or reactivating Duo Mobile

  • Pages in the Admin Panel that support workflows related to adding users or phones will now display links to documentation on how to activate or reactivate Duo Mobile.

New and updated applications

Duo Device Health Application released

  • Fixed issue where updates to the app were not checked at the proper time.
  • Fixed issue preventing detection of Symantec’s cloud agent.
  • Fixed issue where uninstaller would crash on older versions of macOS.
  • Improved logging.
  • Additional minor improvements and enhancements.

Applications added to the public beta of Duo Single Sign-On

  • Cisco Meraki and G Suite have been added as named applications for the public beta of Duo Single Sign-On.

Bug fixes

  • Duo Admin Panel fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where users in the Trash with “Pending Deletion” status appeared to still count against the “Total Licenses Used” number displayed in the Dashboard. Users with “Pending Deletion” status will no longer be shown to consume a license in the Dashboard UI.
  • Directory Sync fixes:
    • Fixed a bug on the Directory Sync configuration pages for Active Directory and OpenLDAP where Duo administrators with the User Manager role could see the Secret Key field but not copy its contents.
    • Corrected an issue where users whose LDAP distinguished name (DN) changed to a DN long enough to trigger a character limit error were erroneously assigned “Pending Deletion” status.
    • Fixed an issue where Duo administrators with the Help Desk role would see the Directory Sync page for a second before the page turned white.
  • Fixed a bug in the automated process that identifies which version of Google Chrome is considered the latest version when applying a browser policy to endpoints running ChromeOS and the Chrome browser.