Duo rdg cap/rap

hello, I’m just wondering if there is any expected update to the Duo Remote Desktop Gateway application? It’s nice to be able to manage our RDG with DUO, but without a RAP policy our entire network of machines is exposed to anyone that breaches the 2FA, which is very concerning.

This has been a known and requested feature for quite some time, and with more companies doing Remote Access, is this problem being prioritized at all? I’ve seen posts from 2016 with users requesting this feature with Duo team members responding that it’s “in the works”. Is it truly in the works? Is there any update anyone can provide? It looks like the last time DUO RDG received an update was 3 years ago.

It is a big nuisance to move away from the DUO RDG now due to how many users we have connecting to work machines, which would mean we’d have to manually install the duo for windows logon on everyone’s machine which is also less than ideal. There has to be some information you can provide on this front? A RAP policy would be a HUGE win for you guys…

Thank you

Hi @rmangini, there are no updates for us to share at this time. This feature is still under consideration for the future and is a bit lower on the team’s priority list right now due to some limitations with the way Duo integrates.

We recommend deploying Duo for Windows Logon at the specific servers behind RDG if a RAP policy is important. I know you mention this a less than ideal solution for you, but I hope my answer will at least be of some help.

The other thing I can do is make sure you are documented on the feature request for this as well, if you are not already.

Thank you for posting to the Community and sharing your feedback here with us. I have passed your comments along to the product manager and team as well.