Duo RD Web installer



I have a quick question… i am trying to install duo-rdweb-2.3.0 to our ts/rdweb role server and it asks for the local administrator account or the domain administrator account. Is there a workaround for this? My account is in Domain Admins group

Thank you in advance

Edit: I tried using command prompt (run as administrator) msiexec.exe /a c:\pathofduoclient and the installer finished without asking integration key,secret key,api etc ect. When i checked from add/remove programs there is no entry for Duo rdweb client…


Hi GeorgeNt!

When running the msiexec command be sure to specify /i, not /a. The /a flag does not mean “run this msi as an administrator”, it means “prep this installer for later installs” and just expands the MSI without actually installing the software.

However, you do not need to specify any msiexec flags at all. Just literally run the msi in the Administrator command prompt.

Thanks for trying Duo!


Thank you Kristina! You are a star! :slight_smile: