Duo python integration

I want to how I can use duo and python login system together . Please you help would be appreciated

Hi @r_acolatse !

Using Duo’s Auth API, you can add 2FA into your Python application. Please reference the following documentation: Two-Factor Authentication API for Applications | Duo Security

This article will direct you to Duo’s GitHub where you can download the client library.

Hope this helps!

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thank your help . I want to know if there is any videos to duo python integration

@r_acolatse Every Python application is built/developed differently and integrating Duo 2FA will differ from app to app in some way. While the documentation provided is a good starting point, perhaps there are other Community members who could provide examples of how they performed their particular Python integrations. There are also previous Community threads regarding this subject that may prove useful: Search results for 'Python' - Duo Security Community