Duo Push Notification Never Arrives

I’m experiencing an intermittent issue where Duo push notifications to complete a Windows 2019 RDP login never arrive. It happens for all users on the box.

Once the RDP session starts, the login screen never shows the Duo screen/prompt. The only way I’ve been able to resolve this is to reboot the box. The next logon works as expected.

Duo 2FA will then continue to work for some period of time (week(s), multiple logons, etc.) and then will stop working again, prompting the reboot.

I’ve looked at the logs and everything stops when Duo calls an API at duosecurity.com. The next entry in the log is the next attempt at logon. Goes through the same steps, and again stops at “making request” to the duosecurity.com API.

I’ve just turned on debug logging to see if there are some more details, but have to wait until the problem shows up again to know what may be there.

Wondering if anyone has had this issue and what may be the cause/fix for it?

Many thanks.


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