Duo prompt use case for 2 differents users

Hi, I have duo installed on a Windows 10 pro. I have 2 users on that PC, one is an admin account and the second account is a standard user.

For admin account, I want duo to always prompt
For standard user, I want duo only prompt when user RDP

Is it possible to add this configuration?

Thank you

Hi @d3uo_user242 ,

At this time, it is only possible to configure A) RDP only or B) both RDP and local logins via Duo for Winlogon. Please see this FAQ.

Taken from KB5424:

There is not a feature in Duo Authentication for Windows Logon (RDP) that will automatically detect whether a Windows login is being performed by a local administrator, domain administrator, local user, or domain user. By default, when you install Duo on a Windows machine, any user logging in will be subject to 2FA (regardless of whether or not they are a Windows administrator).

It is possible to require 2FA for some users while bypassing other users by configuring policies in the Duo Admin Panel. Please see this article for more information: How can I configure an application to require 2FA for a group of users while bypassing all other users?

Hope this helps!